Headshots FAQ

What am I going to look like in my headshot?

Before your shoot or when you arrive, we’ll be talking about what kind of image you’d like to project. Think about what message you’d like to send. Are you an aggressive lawyer or an approachable real estate agent? Do you want to appear highly professional and confident or do you want to be more fun and casual while still projecting competence? This will affect everything from clothing selection to backgrounds to posing. My goal is to take photos that make you look like you, with your best foot forward.

What should I do before my shoot?

Drink a lot of water the day before your shoot and try to get a good night’s sleep. These two factors can make a surprising amount of difference. I will also send you links to a couple of YouTube videos that demo some of the posing techniques I’ll be using to help you look your best, in case you’d like to practice (if nothing else, practicing your “Blue Steel” will make you laugh, which is always good).

What should I wear for a headshot?

Bring several changes of clothes (at least two or three) so we can try out different looks. The most important thing is that the clothes be clean and pressed. That goes a long way toward looking great in a photo. Rumples and wrinkles are distracting.

Dark or bright colours are great choices. (White or a light colour under a cardigan or blazer is fine.) Patterns are not a problem as long as they’re not super busy, but I tend to prefer solids to keep the focus on the face. Same with accessories; they can be lovely as long as they’re not too distracting. However, the goal is to look like you, so if you’re known for your bright, chunky necklaces, please don’t leave them at home!

How formal you want to be is up to you, depending on the image you want to project — many people tend to go for what they would wear at a conference or a job interview, kind of a notch up from everyday work clothes, to appear professional. But that may not be the image you want to present. If you want to look a bit more casual and relaxed, that works great too. It’s also important to feel comfortable, so don’t bring clothes you hate. It will show.

Your pants or skirt might be in a few shots too depending on if we do any seated poses, or if you would like a full-length portrait, so bear that in mind.

What about hair and makeup?

A great haircut can help you look and feel your best; many people get their hair cut shortly before their photo shoot and/or styled or blown out on the day of.

Generally speaking, I recommend people wear the makeup that makes them feel comfortable or perhaps a little more. Heavy makeup is not necessary, and if you don’t wear any makeup, you don’t need to start now. I personally am not great with makeup, so I like to have a professional do mine when I can. You can make an appointment at the MAC makeup counter; they will do your makeup at no cost if you buy more than $50 of product from them. Get in touch if you’d like more makeup artist recommendations. I can arrange to have a makeup artist here when you arrive if you would like (at extra cost).

I don’t like having my photo taken and I always look bad in photos. What can I do?

Try to relax! Good lighting makes a huge difference and getting a headshot taken should be fun. We’ll chat a bit, there will be some flashes, and before you know it, you’ll be having a good time. Everyone looks good when they’re having a good time.

Dynamic Portraits FAQ

What is a dynamic portrait?

I use the term “dynamic portrait” to describe a photo that uses lighting, angles, expression, and colour to tell a story or capture a feeling or a passion. No two portrait sessions with me are the same, and I’d love to work with your vision of yourself and your story to create something amazing.

What will my dynamic portrait look like?

Everyone’s story is different and every dynamic portrait is different. Get in touch and we’ll start designing your story.