“[Senior Editor] Michael said he and the authors are over the moon with your copyedit; just an awesome, awesome job. So thank you!”
Crissy Boylan, managing editor, ECW Press

“Cat is a consummate professional and her work is top-notch. She has a remarkable eye for hard-to-spot details, and has snatched me from the jaws of embarrassment more times than I’d care to admit. She even sent little notes of encouragement as she worked her way through my books. I hope to work with her again.”
Randal Graham, author of Beforelife and Afterlife Crisis

“Thank you for your sharp eyes and well-informed comments.”
Anne Emery, award-winning author of (among many others) Sign of the Cross and Death at Christy Burke’s

“Wow! Cat is a genius! Many, many thanks.”
Ross Pennie, award-winning author of (among many others) Tampered and Tainted

“Cat London was meticulous and raised legitimate concerns with me. I’m glad you deal with someone like her. I feel a lot better about the book after having her input.”
R.D. Cain, author of Cherry Beach Express and Dark Matter

“Apart from your obvious talent as an editor, your flexibility and understanding were greatly appreciated. …You’re simply fantastic and I’m forever grateful for your assistance!”
Carolyn Hamilton-Kuby, Morningstar Leadership Development

“I count it as a lucky day when I met Cat London. I’m a retired gent with a yen to write detective fiction. After writing a number of short stories, some of which were published, I decided to try my hand at a full-length novel. Eventually I bogged down and, in search of editorial help to get me back on track, I discovered Cat London. Yes, she can spot a grammatical error or a stray comma from a mile away but that’s not what I needed. What I most value about her assistance is her ability to understand the bigger picture. She grasped right away what I was trying to do with my novel and provided me with invaluable help with my plot direction and character development. It’s not easy to critique someone else’s work effectively and this is one of Cat London’s greatest strengths. I found her to be straightforward and honest while delivering her comments in a sensitive, positive manner. After an evaluation or discussion of my work with her I felt encouraged to begin again, perhaps on a new tack, and anxious to get back to the keyboard.”
Chris Laing, author of the Max Dexter mysteries