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My portfolio of royalty-free stock photography is available at iStockphoto.com. Click "View Portfolio" to see my images there. I also distribute stock images through the world-renowned stock site Getty Images.

What is stock photography?

Stock photography is all around you. Designers all over the world, working on everything from websites to book covers to billboards, make use of stock photography to illustrate their work. A stock photo is simply an image that already exists, as opposed to one that a designer would have to hire a photographer to shoot.

Anything can be the subject of a stock photo. Stock photos often offer a more polished or slightly exaggerated version of reality, and that's one of the reasons they're so much fun to do. I love shooting stock photography because it offers me the freedom to come up with my own concepts and ideas and to execute them myself. The possibilities are unlimited. In my view, everything can make good stock if you present it right!

Stock Photos

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