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Free portrait offer!

Stock photography is a reflection of the world we live in. Stock photos are the libraries of images designers use to create their websites, brochures, books — everything printed or published. Every day we are bombarded with images, and many (if not most) of them are stock photos.

If stock photos reflect the world, then the reflection is incomplete: images of gay, lesbian, and trans people and same-sex couples living everyday lives are hard to come by. Advertisers and designers struggle to find positive imagery of LGBT people; search results for gay and lesbian photography come up with nearly-naked men in cowboy hats or chains. Now, I don't take issue with cowboy hats, chains, or nearly-naked men for that matter, but the scarcity of natural, positive lifestyle images of the queer community is atrocious.

Cat London Photography has partnered with outLOUDstock, the leader in positive, non-stereotypical gay and lesbian stock photography, and other stock photography vendors to work toward filling this niche.

To kick off this new adventure, Cat London Photography is currently offering free portrait sessions for same-sex couples and queer families in the Kingston area in exchange for a signed model release.

What's the deal?

Each one- to two-hour portrait session includes a pre-shoot consultation about your personal style and the kind of photos you'd like to have and a relaxed, fun shooting session with a wide range of poses and candids. Portrait sessions usually take place in your home, but many other venue options — including the great outdoors — are available.

All participants will receive two complimentary 5x7 enlargements as well as a CD or DVD with a minimum of ten (usually more!) high-resolution, professionally retouched images from the session.

My goal is to show real families and real couples interacting in everyday settings, which is why I'm looking for, well, real families and real couples!

Interested in setting up a shoot? Shoot me an email!

image by Ed Hidden

What is a model release?

A model release allows the photographer to sell the images from a photo shoot. Photos may be distributed through agencies such as outLOUDstock, iStockphoto, or Getty Images. Yes, this does mean that your photo could wind up on a billboard outside your grandmother's house, which is why I don't shoot risqué images!

I am always happy to provide a model release in advance so you can have a look and to answer any questions you may have about it.